Anti-Spam Policy – Hostingsource Leading Hosting Provider VPS

Anti-Spam Policy

I. What Is Spam?

For the purposes of the following Spam policy, the company considers a spam being any unordered or unexpected message by the addressee that has been transferred via email or in another way while applying electronic connection and/or telecommunication networks. The transfer or spread of such spam in great quantities is considered being a transfer of spam, and it is strictly banned.

II. Customer’s Obligations

During the usage of the service the customer obligates:

Not to email spam to the people, who have not revealed a regard to receive them;
Not to provide and not to propose the service under the application of which the third persons could spread spam;
To implement and support appropriate technical means that secure that any third persons do not spread spam;
Apply opt-in principle for any information sent via electronic means, and suggest effective means to refuse received spam;
Not to collect, store, publish and spread data (e.g. email addresses) under the aid of which the spam can be sent;

III. The Implementation of the Spam Policy

The spread of the spam will be considered being the essential violation of instructions. In case the customer does not follow his/her obligations, related to the spread of the spam, for him/her there can be terminated or limited service supply.

IV. Third Persons’ Complaints

In the case when the third persons give a claim or complaint to the company concerning the fact that the customer spreads spam or violated the Spam policy in another way, the company can ask the customer to provide with all information related to such complaint or claim, and during the investigation of the incident to terminate or limit the service supply.

V. Help Fight With Spam

If you receive spam from the company customer, immediately inform us via email or support help desk.
Please be so kind and attach all the content of such a spam to the notice.